Quality Components

To meet the needs of the most discerning buyer we have designed our components to meet or exceed all of the requirements for the Australiasian market as well as exceed some of the most stringent European standards for glass fencing. Our latest tool to ensure we continue to exceed these requirements is a load test apparatus that can be seen by clicking on the link. This device has been designed in house to allow our products to be tested in accordance with the Australasian Standards for both swimming pool fencing and balustrading applications.


Our glass is manufactured to a level that allows each glass sheet to proudly carry the Australian & New Zealand Standard: “AS/NZS2208 Grade A ID 51039” for glass sizes 8TF, 10TF & 12TF.

Frameless Clamps

The range of TECHNO branded Stainless Steel clamps are firstly cast from Marine Grade 316L or Duplex 2205 stainless steel then machined to close tolerances. The clamps are then annealed, electro plated followed by satin linishing or mirror polishing, depending on the finish required. This manufacturing process makes our clamps ideal for applications where exposure includes salt air or salt water. We now produce all our clamps from either the 316L version of 316 high quality marine grade stainless steel or Duplex 2205. Due to a higher Molybdenum content present in some of the other grades of stainless steel, both 316L & Duplex 2205 grades provides better overall corrosion resistance with particularly good resistance to surface pitting & crevise corrosion in chloride enviroments.

The “L” version of 316 typically has a lower Carbon content than the standard 316 grade. Duplex 2205 is higher in tensile strength than 316L thus allowing us to reduce dimensions while still maintaining structural integrity. Both grades offer the benefit of greater resistance  to brown staining of the surface (also known as Tea staining) than other grades. The electro plating process ensures excellent corrosion protection on edges & threaded areas. These two areas are generally the first to start brown staining. The Mirror version of our clamps offers additional resistance to brown staining over the Satin finish due to the  surface being more highly polished. Both grades are excellent in chlorine or salt water swimming pool environments.

The WOTA clamp range is manufactured from 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel using the same process as described for the TECHNO branded clamps. Again ideally suited for salt or chlorinated swimming pool environments.

Semi Frameless

The anodised aluminium used in the semi frameless system has a thickness of 20-25 microns. This coating depth achieves a pleasant sheen while still ensuring strong corrosion resistance in salt environments. By way of example a typical shower screen frame has a 10 micron finish. We export our product to Europe. In order to meet the standards required for pool fencing we submitted our product to the No 1 rated testing authority for France called LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais) located in Paris. In 2007 the frameless system passed all the relevant tests, some of which are more stringent than required in Australasia such as the gate locking mechanism.

Installed Components

The strength of a each glass fence panel and therefore ultimately the total fence is influenced by many factors some of which are beyond our control eg how the components are installed. We can confirm that we have subjected a frameless panel with two stainless steel clamps from our three different options – one two or no holes in the glass range to the Australasian Standard AS/NZ1107.1 : 2002 Table 3.3 A, B, E, C3 Appendix B & C . This test is to ensure the panel can sustain a load figure of 0.75Kn. The Techno Glass Designs panel exceeded that figure by over 50% with no sign of breakage, fracture or loosening of any component. The deformation was 1mm or less on all tests.

Warranty Statement

  • (a) We will repair or replace any part that we deem to be faulty during the warranty period.
  • (b) The warranty period by product group is as follows:
  • Frameless glass clamps – Techno & WOTA brands – LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY.
  • All other stainless steel components – Three (3) years.
  • All aluminium products – Ten (10) years.
  • (c) The warranty commences from the date the goods are invoiced by us to the purchaser regardless of when the goods are used or installed.
  • (d) Our warranty does NOT cover labour  costs incurred in removing or replacing components.
  • (e) Our warranty does NOT cover transportation costs associated with any warranty claim. If the goods are deemed to be a warranty claim we will pay the cost to return the goods to the purchaser.
  • (f) The warranty does not cover goods used or installed in a manner not approved by the company.
  • (g) Our warranty does NOT cover glass product.
  • (h) Non Techno Glass Designs product sold by us such as the Magna Latch® is covered by the product manufacturers own warranty.
  • (i) Transit damage is not covered by our warranty.
  • (j) The warranty excludes fair wear & tear to surface finishes.
  • (k) This warranty is in addition to any legal rights the customer may have in common law.
  • (l) If a product is considered subject of a warranty claim then the goods should be returned to our office with proof of purchase. If this is not possible we will find an alternative to suit both parties such as photos or a site visit by a member of our team.


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