What We Do

  • Domestic and commercial wholesale suppliers of architectural hardware and glass
  • Frameless 12mm pool fencing
  • 10mm semi frameless pool fencing (with round/square silver anodized posts)
  • 12mm frameless balustrades
  • Semi-frameless balustrades (with round/square silver anodized posts
  • Frameless shower screens
  • Semi frameless shower screens
  • Glass splash backs
  • Pool windows
  • Glass roofs
  • Wet edges

Why choose Techno Glass Designs

Techno Glass Designs has been a pioneer in the design and ,manufacture of frameless glass hardware since it’s inception in 2006. Techno is responsible for some of the most widely accepted and favoured products available in the market still today. We are innovators and have a deep understanding of what is required to offer value and durability to any frameless glass inclusion whether it be a residential pool fence, a commercial balustrade, a traffic able glass staircase , a wet edge for a swimming pool right through to a frameless showerscreen or kitchen splashback. More than just somewhere to purchase fittings our lives are immersed in the world of frameless glass design.


Australian Standards, Compliance and Council Regulations.

All glass pool fencing and balustrade must comply with current Australian standard: AS 1926 for pool fences and AS 2820 for pool fence gates. It is mandatory to have an effective barrier around your pool and to protect in any difference in level that may be greater than 1mtr. As parents of young children we ourselves are very much aware of current issues surrounding child safety regarding pools etc, which play a large part in how we approach each job – with safety being and compliance being our greatest concern.

Important facts

Your pool fence is legally required to be 1.2 meters in height from any substrate, with no gaps between any glass panels measuring more than 100mm. All Gates should be self-latching, and must be able to self close from any opened position. If a drop of greater than one metre is present adjacent to the glass pool fence then a top rail may be required. All gates must open away from the pool to be fully compliant.

How Strong is Glass Fencing?

Techno supplies glass manufactured to AS/NZS2208 and 2080 and is Grade A safety glass as per AS1288 which is denoted with a water mark on the bottom edge of the majority of glass used. Techno only use 12mm toughened glass for frameless balustrade and pool fencing with 8mm gates all with polished edges. Being up to 500% stronger then annealed glass toughened glass is an obvious choice in both a function and aesthetic sense with fantastic resistance to thermal breakage and wind load pressures. Glass offers very little surface area to climb on and being that it is highly polished and  a sheer surface it makes it very difficult for young children to climb on or over. Recent rule changes now require pool owners to have an annual inspection by local council whether the pool is brand new or existing.

Does My Glass Require Maintenance?

As a pool owner you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your pool fence. All products situated in an external environmental require some form of cleaning- stainless steel, stains less and is not stain proof! Washing regularly will reduce the risk of tea staining. Best results are achieved when washing with soap or mild detergent and warm water following by a cold water rinse. Glass can be cleaned with a bucket of soapy water and a squeegee.

Core Drilling Concerns?

Care must always be taken when core drilling any surface regardless of the tile/paver. If the tile/paver has not been glued down correctly, there is potential for damage or cracking, chipping to occur. If you have recently layed a new surface of tiles or pavers its worth hanging onto a few extras….just in case. It is also important to consider what might be underneath the positions of your core holes, pool plumbing, electrical conjute, gas lines have all been discovered at the bottom of a well drilled hole from time to time.

Can I purchase hardware and glass for DIY?

Techno glass and hardware packages are available we can even help you with any custom panels you may need specially made. If you have plans and a materials list feel free to ring or email our office and receive all the help you may require for your upcoming glass project. Payment can be made for all our products via credit card (2% surcharge) or direct deposit, we can have your order  available for collection at our store or pack it up and ship to almost any location within Australia. Please note; glass can be heavy and it may be necessary to have a forklift to unload or a few extra hands at the receiving end to collect the delivery on the day.

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